There is a lot that you can do including investing in the best equipment and trainers to maximize your weight loss. However, one of the most important things that you can do to ensure your success is to get yourself a good workout companion. A good workout companion can help to ensure that you stay on track with your fitness goals and he or she can push you harder, as well as prevent you from pushing too hard.

When picking your workout buddy, it is essential that you weight your options and choices very carefully because a workout buddy can be the difference between your failure and success. Even if you thrive better on your own, the right buddy can help you tap into those reserves of energy that you did not even know that you had. The benefits of a good workout companion include:

They help you reach your fitness objectives     

Social support is a powerful tool when you are trying to achieve anything, not just fitness goals. When you have face to face support from a loved one, it can allow you to be more consistent with your workout, enabling you to achieve your goals a lot faster.

They make workouts fun

When workouts become too serious, it can be difficult to look forward to them every day. It is a lot more fun working out with someone that you can explore challenges with, as well as discover new classes and routines.

They help to maintain form

When you do not have a personal trainer to do it, a workout buddy ensures that you are maintaining the correct form throughout. Not only does this help to avoid injury but also ensures that you lose weight or tone up faster.


Ask your trainer

Talk to a professional at your gym to find out if anyone in your vicinity is looking for a workout partner. The trainer is likely to know your skill level and will hook you up with someone that can challenge you.


Try apps

There are plenty of apps out there such as and that allow people to network and meet up. You can find anything on these apps from local hiking and biking groups to exercise meetups that involve children.

Reach out to your friends and family

This may seem obvious, but the easiest way to choose a workout companion is to ask your family and friends. You need a buddy that:

  • Can challenge you.
  • Is consistent and will be readily available
  • Can act as a coach: they need to understand your movements, patterns, likes and dislikes, as well as understand your training goals.
  • Respects and sees the value of teamwork.
  • Some that you like and get along with.
  • Can share the same schedule as you.